Is it possible to change and modernize music notation?

Many say «no».

But I believe differently. I am convinced that it is possible, and that it is about time.

Music notation has been changing and evolving since the days of quill pens. In brief, there have been as many as ten different clefs in use. Today, four different clefs remain in use. The G-clef (or treble clef) is used for most instruments, and is read by most musicians. The F-clef (or bass clef) is used for lower notes, for instance bass, trombone and the lower part of piano notes. The C-clef is also used (as alto or tenor clef) for a few instruments.

We should pursue this line of thought, and start using only one clef.

In my “Argumentation for adopting a single-clef system,” I prove that this is possible. And not only possible, but also time saving and sensible. With the technology we have accessible today, there is no excuse for not doing so.

Music is an important part of our lives. Music is a common language that everyone can enjoy. Therefore, we have a common responsibility for bringing music education down to a reasonable level.

The important part is to educate good musicians that are able to enjoy themselves, and bring joy to others, through quality music. Music theory and notes are supposed to be aiding this.

That the use of several different keys is necessary to educate good musicians is far removed from the truth.

Don’t let the old ways and paradigms make music studies harder than they have to be. The use of several different keys is a waste of time for everyone pursuing more advanced studies in music. And it’s even worse that a lot of people quit playing music almost before they have started, only because they suddenly have to read more than one clef.

It is not necessary to use the F-clef in piano notes.

If the pianist is able to play notes written in G-clef with his right hand, he is certainly able to play G-clef notes with his left hand as well.

If the saxophonist is able to play G-clef notes, the viola player should also be able to.

To put it differently: Everyone able to read and play notes written in one or more clefs is definitely clever enough to read and play notes written in only the G-clef.

Show responsibility for the future; recycle F-clefs and C-clefs and write all music in a system visually similar to the G-clef system.